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Doug Alan Wilcox

Doug Alan Wilcox (photo)

Over the course of his career, Maryland native Doug Alan Wilcox has traveled a road from solo acoustic artist through numerous electric bands of various stripes and back again, performing along the way at some of the country’s more notable venues as well as countless small cafes and concert spaces. Through the years he's honored to have shared a bill with acoustic luminaries Peter Mayer, L.J. Booth, Stacey Earle & Mark Stuart, Pierce Pettis, and many more. The sound is a communal stew of folk/rock, blues, and rustic soul.

The message speaks straight to the human condition.

"Doug Alan Wilcox has the soul of a poet and the songs to prove it. (He) immediately became a favorite guest on the Acoustic Highway.”
- Barry Graham, Folk music producer / WHRV FM

Exercising talents that stretch beyond the realm of solo act, as a sideman, Doug's work on hand drums, harmonica and harmony vocals has supported numerous world-class artists including Tom Prasada-Rao, L.J. Booth, Randall Williams and Bob Sima.

Intimate, thought-provoking and on occasion, wryly humorous, Wilcox delivers music that will stick in your head - as well as your heart.

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