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This Year's Attraction

Song written from a song prompt at the September 2011 Songwriter's Circle.

This song was started from cards drawn from both the red and green decks of the Apples to Apples boardgame. The words our threesome started from were:

  • The State Fair
  • Nicolas Cage
  • Fidel Castro
  • The Great Chicago Fire
  • Boyfriends
  • sappy
  • glamorous
  • normal
This Year's Attraction
Tom Payne, Steve Walski, Tres Seaver
C                                  F               C
I went down to the State Fair, to see who I could meet there,
   F                   C                        G             G7
I found a girl at the tilt-a-whirl, she really took me for a ride,
F                                 C                  Am
I thought we were happy, but she just thought I was sappy,
C               F             G                  C
She left me without regrets, holdin' my foolish pride.

Later on the Midway, I met a beauty from Santa Fe,
Never said her name, but set me aflame, like the Great Chicago Fire,
In the cold light of the mornin', she was gone without a warnin',
Leavin' me believin' in the folly of desire.


  F                                C
  I'll tell you what I know about this year's big attraction,
         G                              C
  There won't be any lasting love only momentary satisfaction.
  F                                   C              Am
  Ending in tears and shouts, maybe cleaning out my bank account,
  C                                      G             C
  Walking home from the fairgrounds, no wiser for the pain.

Then when I was walkin' down by the livestock barns and talkin'
with a breeder whose calves were near as pretty as her face.
I thought she was glamorous;  she thought I was amorous,
and left me there with just the print of her fingers on my face.

Down by the main stage, a girl told me I was Nicolas Cage,
Or maybe Fidel Castro, she wasn't certain either way.
I couldn't act the big star, or even smoke a big cigar,
So she found another fool for her fantasies to play.

(repeat chorus)
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